Tied Up

Your New Life-Altering Necktie

UD - Figs It's that time—week's end—when you finally get to loosen your tie.Which gets you thinking: you really need some new ties.

Here to help solve that problem before you even punch out—the dapper new LA-based neckwear label known as Figs, now available online.

Basically, these are the ties to wear when you take a date to meet your distinguished grandfather, or when you meet up with your distinguished grandfather at Caña.

You've got your choice of British wool for the boardroom, royal blue tartan for the class reunion and polka-dot bow ties for your next Oscar party... or your next Oscar Wilde party. (Both involve plenty of absinthe.)

And because you're always looking to do two things at once, they've got a TOMS-like business model that betters the world with each of your purchases—every time you class up your neck with a Figs tie, a kid in Africa gets a new school uniform.

They're also Web-based, so you can easily handle your shopping right now instead of finishing that spreadsheet.

Or... reading this email.

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