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Take a minute. Look outside. We'll wait...

It's nice. Really nice. So it's easy to begin imagining how you'll spend the next few months. Enjoying picnics in the park. Greeting your legions of fans from tiny apartment balconies. Handing out compliments on tan lines.

And, for the most part, wearing pants.

Which brings us to Grown and Sewn, an American treasure of a spring-ready pants depot, open now in Tribeca.

The gear is pretty simple and straightforward—handsome khakis in three shapes, a few colors and that's about it. But you'll want to check out the Kax—a crazy jean-khaki hybrid that combines the feel of khakis with the "attitude and guts" of jeans. (We have no idea what this means, but we've yet to meet a pants hybrid we didn't like—we're looking at you, jorts.)

Now, we know what you're wondering: are these in any way traitorous? We're happy to report that no, no they're not. In fact, all the khakis (and the belts, bags and other vintagey accessories) are made in America. In other words, do it for your country.

And because man cannot live by pants alone, you'll want to discreetly ask to see the place's basement. No, there's not a fight club down there, but you'll be able to peruse one of the cooler art galleries we've seen in awhile, home to work from famous American pop artists like Warhol, Haring and Peter Max.

Guys who also wore great pants.


Grown and Sewn
184 Duane St
(at Greenwich St)
New York, NY, 10013


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