DSTLD: An Enhanced Minimalist Wardrobe In Soho

The Denim Disruptors of LA Have Come East

By Thompson Brandes ·

A perfectly broken-in pair of jeans. A plain gray tee. A black leather moto jacket tailored by the gods. 

People who stick to this wardrobe tend to do just fine. 

Which makes it pretty great that DSTLD is in town now. The minimalist LA brand has made a living off the fundamentals of sartorial coolness, and now they've got a showroom open in Soho.

The Soho is where you'll find timeless favorites in black, white, grey or denim. DSTLD is one of the growing number of direct-to-consumer fashion operations, with all its inherent millennialized branding and lower prices on good stuff. But you really need to touch the kind of things DSTLD makes before you commit, hence the showroom. 

The brand's specialty is their denim (several washes, several cuts), but you'll find some newer projects here as well. The selvedge chinos are a solid seasonal jeans substitute, and their prized leather duffels are something you'll debate whether or not to give grandchildren. 

You can check out the latest DSTLD store today over at 458 Broome St (off Mercer St).

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