Nordstrom's First Stand-Alone Men's Shop Has Arrived

A Meticulously Planned Mecca of Menswear: Personal Stylists, On-Site Tailoring, 24-Hour Pick-Up and All

By Ilana Dadras ·
Naho Kubota

You're in a cab at 3am, on your way to pick up a pair of pants before an early morning flight.

You're sipping a glass of whiskey, flipping through racks of beautifully crafted leather jackets.

You're dropping an ill-fitting sweater in a bin, and reflecting upon how convenient it is to handle returns in such a fashion.

You're doing it all at or near Nordstrom's Men's: a three-story 47,000 square-foot space from the 117-year-old retailers, and their first full-line store in Manhattan—now open near Columbus Circle. 

And unlike most department stores, this one feels like it's actually with us in 2018. 

Here's why...

—Personal stylists, digital Style Boards with handpicked recommendations and custom embroidery are all on offer.
Depending on the amount of human interaction you're into, you can have a stylist pull items for you IRL, or have one compile a board of inspiration for you on your phone, then chat with them and purchase whatever you like through the app.

—A Toby's Estate Coffee and The Clubhouse will power you through your shopping experience, whether you're looking for something caffeinated or alcoholic.
They've also got a liquor license so you can have a drink anywhere in the store. 

—It's a fine mix of high-end designers, street wear and mid-priced brands.
Think: Nike next to Balenciaga; Vans next to Valentino; Prada next to Calvin Klein. It makes the high-end more accessible and helps you visualize the mixing and matching better than you can do so online.

—They're about convenience.
Buy online and pick-up in store, sure. But an express return station where you can drop unwanted items in a bin? A 24-hour pickup feature where you can pick up a shirt you need before heading to the office? A geolocation service where you can reserve items online, and then while you're headed over, your clothes will be hung in a dressing room—the service alerting you upon arrival, telling you which dressing room to head to?

They've got that too

Nordstrom Men's Store NYC, now open, 235 W 57th St (at Broadway), 212-843-5100, see the slideshow

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