Uniqlo Hudson Yards

Hudson Yards Opens March 15. So Does the Hudson Yards Uniqlo.

The Beloved Japanese Clothier Becomes Part of the Evolution of New York

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·

You may’ve heard of this totally insignificant, not-at-all-groundbreaking development opening in New York next week called Hudson Yards.

What you may not have heard: it will also involve Uniqlo.

Ah yes, everyone’s favorite Japanese clothing brand is bringing its simple-yet-stylish, highly functional LifeWear to Hudson Yards. The new store opens on March 15th.

You’ll want to swing by the shop during your inaugural visit to the largest private real estate development in the history of the United States. Perhaps you have plans to eat at David Chang’s new restaurant later; perhaps you just want to climb the crisscrossing staircases of that giant honeycomb-like art installation. We can’t predict the future.

But we do assume you’re interested in Grand Opening weekend promotions for Uniqlo’s artsy graphic tees, 100% premium French linen button-downs and spring-forward BLOCKTECH parkas. As its name suggests, the outer layer blocks the wind and rain, while the rest of it keeps you feeling fresh—you know, should the sun come out, again.

Unless we actually get some spring weather this month (we're doubtful), you'll also want to check out their collection of ultra-light down jackets and HEATTECH apparel, which through some process we're not even going to attempt to explain, converts the moisture from your body into heat. Meaning: it does a very good job of keeping you warm in very cold temperatures. 

Finally, we thought you might like to know that the store will host expert Taiko drummers on Friday to pay homage to the brand's Japanese heritage, and make gratis hot green tea available throughout the weekend.

Hot green tea: it's just the kind of shopping fuel you need.


Uniqlo Hudson Yards
500 W 33rd St
(at 10th Ave)
New York, NY, 10001

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