Curious Georges

Martinis and Oysters in FiDi

The three-martini lunch...

A symbol of that bygone era when everyone chain-smoked and drank like fish, and the three-piece suit was de rigueur.

But we've found a present-day spot here to resurrect that gloried midday triple—and doing it so well, in fact, you'll be returning in a few short hours for happy hour.

Introducing Georges, your sleek new gin-soaked, deal-making eatery opening next week in the shadows of the old Federal Reserve.

Only open during the work week—which so happens to coincide with the days when you feel most comfortable staring down a Manhattan—this will be your new power lunch spot, without that power lunch feel: the room is an airy, more casual, updated take on the dark-wood lunching dens from back in the day.

You might remember it as one of the city's first wine bars, so the walls of stacked wine bottles at the entrance and behind the booths in back won't surprise. But we'd say skip the vino (even the white from Israel), and opt for cocktails mixed by an ex-Quince and Boulevard barman.

Think Sazeracs garnished with flaming lemon zest, Manhattans that are stirred, not shaken, or house martinis made using Distillery No. 209 gin. And since you must at least feign interest in eating, start with some oysters before moving on to heartier fare like Lamb With Lebanese Cabbage Salad or Branzino and Israeli Couscous.

That should make the rest of your day go by nicely.


415 Sansome St
(at Sacramento)
San Francisco, CA, 94111

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