Skin It

Interchangeable Luxury Footwear

Ah, the digital age.

You've switched your desktop three times in the last two weeks, changed your ringtone from Caribbean Cruise to Soulmate, and had your personal motto etched into the back of your iPhone ("Love Is a Battlefield"—so true).

Here to help your feet catch up to the customization game: Skins Footwear.

A fusion of luxury, technology and footwear finicky-ness, Skins is the first shoe company that adapts to its wearers' lifestyle. You start with a "bone": the made-to-measure core of the shoe that cradles your foot. You cover the bone with one of many "skins," the shell and sole of the shoe that creates the look everyone else sees. They've got sleek-sneaker skins, old-school-loafer skins and even a retro two-tone-lace-up skin, in case you want something to balance out the futuristic feel.

Once you've got the basic bone, going from slip-on to sneaker takes only a few seconds, and all the skins, whether made of supple leather or cashmere suede, are collapsible, so you can tuck them in the side pocket of a messenger bag without things getting too crowded. Bringing along an extra pair of shoes is suddenly no trouble at all.

The downside: There goes your "I would, but I don't have the right shoes" line.

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