From 2-D Toys to 3-D Shirts

UD - Bush + Leavenworth Life can be strange.

Yes, you've sussed out a bar within a bar, killed it at underwater hockey and devoured guinea pig—but you've yet to throw on a button-down designed by Pixar animators.

Luckily for you there's Bush + Leavenworth, a debut menswear line from two of the animators behind Toy Story 3 and Up, who decided to take their offbeat design talents into the third dimension (and don't worry, they've kept their day job).

Named after the intersection where they used to live as roommates, the line features the pair's original graphic tees with computer-drawn images (not of toy cowboys or balloon-flown houses, but much stranger things like nine pinecones).

But we especially appreciate their foray into workwear featuring edgy, unconventional details (mostly button-downs for now, but sweaters and jackets are in the pipeline). We like the shirt with side pockets instead of a chest pocket, and the slim plaid button-down with a three-panel back and asymmetrical yoke.

You wouldn't believe how an asymmetrical yoke can turn heads.

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