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Kangaroo Burgers in a Dive Bar

UD - Kangaroo Burger at Tee Off Bar & Grill You like a good burger.

And you like a good friendly hopping marsupial.

So there's no reason that when both come together in the Kangaroo Burger, you wouldn't want to try one on for size.

The chef/owner at the Tee Off Bar & Grill in the Richmond, the brains behind this Aussie bite, hails from kitchens like Kokkari and Aqua, so he's no stranger to cooking wild game—and has been known to prep a good ostrich too.

When the 'roo burger arrives, riding high atop a pile of housemade sweet potato chips, it'll look exactly like a regular burger. The juicy meat tastes somewhat like beef, but slightly sweeter, with a subtle tanginess, and it's lean like venison. It's topped with a kiwi relish (kind of like kangaroo ketchup) for now, but they're considering serving in the traditional Aussie way by topping it with sliced beets and a fried egg.

Since kangaroo meat is in limited supply, you should know that they're only serving it on the weekend.

Which, we're happy to report, has just begun.


Kangaroo Burger
at the Tee Off Bar & Grill
3129 Clement St
(at 32nd)
San Francisco, CA, 94121

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