Sleeping Over at a Dutch Airport

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As anyone who's been trapped on a red-eye can testify, spending a night in an airplane can be a pretty trying experience.

For one, there's never enough room in the Jacuzzi.

Welcome to the Vliegtuigsuite, a mouthful that roughly translates to "mind-blowing hotel room in a 130-foot airliner," open now.

In short, it's the East German version of Air Force One, grounded in the Netherlands and rehabbed into a luxury suite for two. So after flying in to Teuge Airport, you'll take a quick drive to the other side of the airstrip, where you'll be greeted by presidential accommodations: three flat-screens, 24-hour concierge service and an infrared sauna to warm you back up—not to mention a bed suitably large enough for your ground-based application to the mile-high club. (Note: if you're flying in on your own plane, you can pull your jet right up to the front door. Unlike Congress, we won't judge.)

Back in the '60s, the plane shuttled East German bigwigs to party meetings, hot-tub parties and, occasionally, both. Now the only remnant of those days is the vintage radio gear in the cockpit (and perhaps a bottle or two of vodka in the fridge). Just about everything else is new, including that on-board Jacuzzi.

Nothing's worse than sharing a tub with the ghost of Communism.


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