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Rum Manhattans in Old Town

UD - Dish Bistro & Bar As a new decade eases into its second month, certain needs remain constant.

Namely, your continuing quest for innovative meat and booze. So allow us to point you toward Dish Bistro & Bar, a forward-thinking neighborhood joint opening one week from today.

This is the kind of casual brick spot just a block from the Colorado Boulevard bustle—a loft at street level—that's good for a bright and sunny lunch, or a pre-movie dinner with your favorite sharer of armrests.

Grab a stool at the bar if you just want a Diplomatic Manhattan (a rum-based version with rehydrated cherries) or a Navarro Sunset (a citrus-y vodka concoction on a base of Pinot Noir grape juice—yes, Pinot Noir grape juice).

But before too long, you'll probably find yourself wandering over to a seat by the windows, and summoning a sea of small to less-small Mediterranean plates from a Patina Group vet who's big on the slow-food movement. Think Asparagus "Fries," Seared Day Boat Scallops with House Made Veal Pancetta and Mini Boo Ya.

In this case, the boo ya is short for bouillabaisse.

But then again, isn't it always.
Note: <a target="_blank" href="">Dish Bistro & Bar</a>, opens Feb 5 (lunch starts Feb 9), 626-795-5546, see the <a target="_blank" href= "">menu</a>

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