Savanna Samson "Sogno Uno" Wine

A Full-Bodied Red

UD Sommelier: Savanna Samson Wine

UrbanDaddy-Savana Samson wine While it's common knowledge that porn star Savanna Samson (real name: Natalie Oliveros) has a new wine that officially hits New York today, apart from the 91 point rating it received from wine critic Robert Parker, little else is known about its quality.

No matter how intriguing the package, nothing gets our seal of approval without a proper taste test, so we sent the UD sommelier down to last night's launch party at La Masseria to get a proper sampling.

The Verdict:

"...Samson's skills definitely extend beyond the bedroom, using a ménage of three grapes to produce a wine with a charmingly spicy body, firm sweet finish and supple earthy hints..."

Prior to the event, Samson offered UD an exclusive on what separates her from the rest of the celebrity cum vintner crowd, along with some tips on how best to enjoy her wine:

Savanna on celebrity wines:
"I don't know about the others, but I actually went to Tuscany and tasted 50 different juices from different vineyards. I loved the spiciness of one, and the sweetness of the other. I did all the tasting and blending myself. It was a very hands-on experience."

Savanna on how and where to drink her wine:

"I recommend they open it and drink it. It's ready to be drunk immediately. I recommend drinking it with your lover in bed or on one of the city's bridges."

Savanna on what to drink her wine with:

"I don't personally believe in drinking wine with a certain food. I drink wine because it's wine. Wine for breakfast, wine for dinner, wine for sex, wine for everything."

Savanna on her best movie to pair with her wine:
"The New Devil in Miss Jones. It's a great movie with great sex scenes. Don't fast forward any of it."

Savanna on the skeptics:
"Because of the nature of who I am, a lot of people will question and doubt, but once they taste the wine, they'll see that it's no joke. It's been described as curiously delicious. It'll guarantee you a second date or in the least, a good night in the sack."


Savanna Samson "Sogno Uno" Wine
25 Waterside Plaza
New York, NY, 10010

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