Things to do for October 04, 2007

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Shacktoberfest Begins

Shacktoberfest Begins

And you thought the queues in July were bad. You'll have to line up extra early for Shacktoberfest, Shake Shack's 10-day flirtation with Bavaria. Highlights include bratwurst, German-style beer, a rotating cake selection and (thankfully) accordion music.

411: Oct 5-14, Madison Square Park (Madison and 23rd), 212-889-6600

Paul Stuart Launches Phineas Cole

Paul Stuart Launches Phineas Cole

New limited-edition line Phineas Cole brings an upgrade to Paul Stuart's classic '60s Mad Men style, which means slimmer suits, adjustable side tabs and a Blackberry-sized fifth pocket. (Word is they didn't even have Blackberries in the '60s.)

411: 10 E 45th (at Madison), 212-682-0320

Open House New York

Open House New York

The city opens its doors this weekend, with more than 350 buildings available for browsing throughout the five boroughs, including the Forbes Galleries, Federal Hall and the old Carnegie Mansion (aka, the Smithsonian.) As for buying one...well, you never know. Arrive checkbook-ready.

Fergus Henderson's American Debut

Fergus Henderson's American Debut

The Spotted Pig is setting aside its usual fare and letting (crazy) British chef Fergus Henderson run the kitchen. Knowing Fergie and his "cook up whatever animals I can find" ways, the menu will include ox heart and pig tails. In other words, your typical Wednesday night meal.

411: Oct 10, The Spotted Pig, 314 W 11th St (at Greenwich), 212-620-0393

THE DADDY HOOKUP: It's walk-in only, but we can get a couple of you in at the 8:30 slot. Tell us why you need to experience the Fergus.

2 New Perks

2 New Perks

This week, we've got passes into California bag-maker Morgan Grays' reinvented sample sale (that means wine and designers Morgan Molthrop and Stewart Grays on-hand, along with wholesale prices to keep you motivated). Also, there's special UD pricing and comped champagne from Caravan. So perk up and look sharp.

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