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Oscar Sunday is just another reminder of how sweet life is for celebrities and their friends: legions of adoring fans, free everything and never having to hear the word "no."

Until you make it big or start rolling with Pitt, rent a taste of the good life from Celebrity Lookalike-USA. They have over 100 celebrity impersonators in New York City, including doubles of top requested names Paris Hilton, Donald Trump, Angelina Jolie and J. Lo (sorry, no Heath Ledger or Jake Gyllenhaal currently available).

While you could spring $200,000 for the real Paris Hilton or $15,000 for the often overlooked but reputedly fun-loving Gary Coleman, for just $400-$500 for the first hour (and $150-$200 every additional hour) you can have your own knock-off. Roll with your celeb double and friends on a post-Oscar night out that, according to Joseph "George Clooney" Fontinha, often includes free drinks, first class upgrades and the groupies you've always dreamed of.

Every Lookalike-USA double has passed a series of photo, video, and in-person screenings, so they'll not only look, but also act and talk, like the celeb. But even an exposed Bruce Willis impersonator can still be the best wingman you never had.

Lookalike friends (that's you) make out well. "One night I was out with 'Bruce' and this gorgeous blonde model approaches us," remembers Lookalike owner Ron Bartels. "Even though he was getting a lot of attention, she liked me better and spent the whole night in the club talking with me."

...No doubt due to an Oscar-worthy performance.


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