Ninety Acres at Natirar

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Ninety Acres at Natirar

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It's go time.

Maybe you're headed home. Maybe you're already three mai tais deep on a yacht somewhere in the Seychelles.

But there's a slight chance you're not going anywhere. And if that's the case, allow us to suggest doing some farming. In New Jersey.

Welcome to Ninety Acres at Natirar, a farm, cooking school, restaurant and genteel country escape, just down the road in majestic rural New Jersey.

Now, before your Jersey/Snooki reflex kicks in, know that if you make the short 45-minute drive inland, you'll find yourself slowly winding through a hidden 500-acre reserve—which once served as the king of Morocco's summer home—to get to an even more hidden 90 acres of lush forest and rolling hills (the hills within the hills).

And here your day begins: a quick hike around the wooded grounds and a jaunt through the farm, where you'll commingle with chickens, pigs, sheep and a few herbs that will later grace your dinner plate, before heading inside for a cooking class, some eats (try the Venison Carpaccio) and a fireside cocktail with your date.

And since the Natirar folks are just getting warmed up, you can expect a European spa, tennis courts, croquet, a bowling alley and a pool over the next couple of years.

Croquet and farming, together at last.

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