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A Sleek Japanese Cove in Beverly Hills

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It's the same old dilemma: one of you wants sushi. And the other wants Guinea Hen and Champagne Vinaigrette.

But it's no longer a problem—thanks to a polished sliver of a Japanese restaurant called Tiger, officially open tonight in Beverly Hills.

This is a stark, gleaming tunnel in the former home of Luckyfish. Up front you're covered but still technically outside, and inside there's a sparse dining room and sushi bar.

But a glass wall is all that separates the two spaces, and the rows of tables are so close together that the likely effect is one big house party hosted by your favorite overseas businessman—the one who works hard and plays hard. Your actual hosts, though, are Reza Roohi (Villa) and Luis de Casas (Nobu), so you're in good hands.

Once seated, you don't have to choose between sushi, tempura, salads or oysters—they're all here, along with signature items like Angel Hair Pasta With Uni and succulent meats from the custom Bincho charcoal grill, which gets up to 1000 degrees without smoke.

And where there's no smoke…


340 N. Cañon Dr
(N. of Dayton)
Beverly Hills, CA, 90210


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