Things to do for November 12, 2009

The Weekender

$1 Oysters, Free Wine and Key Lime Martinis

The weekend comes fully equipped.

Oyster Happy Hour at C-House

Oyster Happy Hour at C-House

Sometimes happy hour is all about the beer. But there are times when it's about dollar oysters, oyster shooters and a few fried oyster po'boys. And because C-House is rolling out oyster happy hour during November, we think that time is now.

4-7pm, Tues-Thurs in Nov, C-House, 166 E. Superior, 312-523-0923

Robie House After Dark

Robie House After Dark

To truly appreciate great architecture, you really need to stand inside of it—preferably with cocktails and appetizers in hand. So we're glad the Robie House is hosting this party to allow the prairie-style boozing that Frank Lloyd Wright originally envisioned.

$30-35, 6-8:30pm, Nov 13, 5757 S. Woodlawn Ave, 708-725-3852, tickets here

Company of We Preview at Jake

Company of We Preview at Jake

Your fall wardrobe could always stand a few last-minute cardigans, and you could always stand some good Italian beer. You'll find the fates have conspired to bring you this preview of NYC-based up-and-comers Company of We, along with complimentary Stella Artois to help you peruse the wares.

11am-5pm, Nov 14-15, Jake, 939 N. Rush, 312-664-5553

Pinot Days at Navy Pier

Pinot Days at Navy Pier

You can't be expected to run around the country trying each boutique Oregon vintner or California mega-producer that comes along. Happily, you'll find 300 wines assembled at Navy Pier for your inspection—sort of like Sideways, but the wines come to you.

$50, 1-5pm, Navy Pier, 600 E. Grand Ave, Exhibition Hall B, tickets here

UD HOOKUP: We have 10 pairs of Pinot Days tickets to give away. Tell us why you want them here.

Battle of the Jug Bands at Morseland

Battle of the Jug Bands at Morseland

While you wait for Jug Band Hero to come to Xbox, capture all the thrills and excitement such competition promises when bands like the Hump Night Thumpers and the Deep Fried Pickle Project come to blows. Key Lime Martinis will be playing the role of moonshine.

$7, 7pm, Morseland, 1218 W. Morse (W. of Sheridan), 773-764-8900

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