Things to do for July 11, 2018

Paul McGee's Drinks, Bastille Day Shenanigans and the Ping-Pong Version of Wimbledon

You've Got Your Work Cut Out for You This Weekend

By Christine Pundavela

Meanwhile, at the Intersection of Art and Paul McGee

Meanwhile, at the Intersection of Art and Paul McGee

John Singer Sargent has quite a ring to it. So does cognac, rye whiskey, sweet vermouth and bitters. Sip on that and other Paul McGee-created drinks while contemplating art at Chicago Athletic Association. Their pop-up bar, Dear Carmencita, kicks off the Art Institute's opening based around the famed Gilded Age artist. Again, drinks.

Wagyu-ing With a Wagyu Master

Wagyu-ing With a Wagyu Master

Hisato-san of Wagyumafia grilling yakiniku over a 20-foot long robata. Sounds like something you need to see. And smell. And taste. Do that at Windy City Smokeout with about 10,000 other people at "The Biggest Happy Hour of the Summer."

How SPiN Does Wimbledon

How SPiN Does Wimbledon

A weeklong series of events at SPiN will culminate in a Wimbledon-themed Players' Night. Basically, it's a ping-pong tournament where you're highly encouraged to don your finest tennis whites and drink strawberries and cream like they do across the pond. Just with more ping-pong.

It's a Sale. You Like Sales.

It's a Sale. You Like Sales.

UK brand Cos's new three-story flagship store on Oak Street is light and airy. But since their huge summer sale involving anything from lightweight denim button-downs to jersey blazers with just the right amount of stretch is more important than lightness and airiness, well... there you go.

Through July 31, Cos, 46 E Oak St, 312-260-4478

You Knew There'd Be a Bastille Day Party, and Here It Is

You Knew There'd Be a Bastille Day Party, and Here It Is

Bastille Day is coming. Three reasons to celebrate the French: champagne, crepes and can-can dancers. All three will be on-hand as Parisian-inspired restaurant Margeaux Brasserie takes their anniversary/holiday party to their cobblestone courtyard. Plus, fancy things like lamb lollipops and truffle popcorn. Oh, and mimes.

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