Derek Jeter

Crazy Fans, His Favorite Chef and His Guilty Pleasure

You've seen him everywhere: tabloids…the JumboTron…Marquee…and recently breaking the record for most hits by a Yankee, Derek Jeter is no stranger to the spotlight. With the start of playoffs, a bombshell of a girlfriend and more endorsement deals than we can keep track of, Jeter is most definitely on top of his game. We sat down with the Yanks' most notorious party boy on a breezy day in Soho to hear firsthand how clutch it is to be "Mr. Clutch." 

UD: Congratulations on the recent record. How did it feel to accomplish such a feat? 
Derek Jeter: It was something that I don't think you ever set out to do it. When you're coming up you just want to make it to the Yankees and stay here as long as you can. But you never think about breaking any records, especially something like that. 

UD: How is the new stadium? 
DJ: It's really nice. I miss everything about the old stadium though; I played there for 13 years. But I love our new stadium; it's great for fans, it's a lot bigger. 

UD: What is the craziest thing a female fan has ever done for you? 
DJ: [Laughing] This one girl ran on the field and she wrote on a note "By the time you read this I'm probably locked up, so the least you can do is call me." 'Cause you go to jail for five or six days when you come on the field. [Laughs more] At least she knew what she was getting herself into. 

UD: Where is your favorite place to take a date? 
DJ: My apartment [laughs]. I have the best chef in New York. 

UD: What about New York pizza? Your chef can't make the best pizza in New York? 
DJ: Patsy's Pizzeria—you ever been there? 

UD: [Laughing] Yes, we've been there. Let's run down some other favorites. What's your favorite neighborhood? 
DJ: Midtown East. 

UD: Guilty pleasure? 
DJ: Baskin-Robbins Gold Medal Ribbon ice cream. 

UD: Favorite New Yorker? 
DJ: My sister. 

UD: What would you do if you could be anonymous for a day? 
DJ: [Thinking] I would go to Times Square to people watch. I would love to do that. 

UD: If you could live in New York in any era, '70s, '80s, Gangs of New York—any time period—what would it be? 
DJ: I have no complaints with the one I'm in. 

UD: Of course you don't…

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