Schvitz on the Water

Mobile Schvitzing in Sweden

The Finnish ritual of the sauna has been steaming Scandinavians for centuries now, so we don't want to mess with perfection. But after a great deal of soul searching—and a little hydraulic research—we've devised two simple improvements: 1) Put it on the water; and 2) give it a little horsepower.

Great minds, apparently, think alike.

Allow us to present the Salt & Sill, a floating hotel in western Sweden that's currently in possession of the world's fastest (and probably only) nautical sauna, open now.

It's your chance at a slice of schvitzing paradise, with all the steamy seaborne insanity the open water affords. Just reserve the keys with the concierge—we recommend a brisk evening just shy of frosty—and you'll have two stories of mobile sauna at your disposal, complete with downstairs hotbox, a dive-ready balcony and an upstairs suite to retire to after your plunge in the water. And because it recently won the title of "Fastest Sauna in the World"—thanks to a blistering 18mph run in the Match Cup Sweden competition—you shouldn't be afraid to open her up. Once you're done joyriding, steer it to a suitably secluded inlet and fire up the electric stove.

Of course, if you happen to need a maid, a shampoo bottle or a gourmet meal, you can always head back to the dock and avail yourself of the hotel staff—or if you're feeling a bit more rebellious, turn it around and make a break for Denmark.

Disguised as a steam room.


Salt & Sill Sauna Boat
+46 304-67 34 80

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