Your New Office, Now in a Burger Joint

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Sometimes a burger place is just a burger place.

But sometimes, on rare and special occasions, a burger place has a secret.

(And no, we're not talking about Thousand Island dressing.)

We're talking about a hidden room. And another hidden room. A place where burgers and Guinness milk shakes serve only to fuel the creative fire burning inside you...

Allow us to present Workshoppe, a two-floor personal think-tank and loft space situated above financial district staple Burger Shoppe—available to rent by the day, week and month—taking reservations now for a mid-October kickoff.

If you've always dreamed of owning a design firm with one of those crazy all-white offices that might show up in a photo spread in a German magazine, this may be as close as you'll get—the space is split into a stark, minimalist, white workspace (downstairs) and an ornate loft space (upstairs).

So if you're working on your business plan for the invention of the voice-activated cocktail, or if you just need a place to finish your memoir from your Olympic Ping-Pong team tryouts, you can reserve one of the eight desks (coated in whiteboard paint, like the walls, so you can write all over them), utilize the burger and spiked milk shake "room service" (available every day, but gratis on Fridays), and get down to hard work.

Once your master plan is complete, you'll of course need a place to celebrate—we're thinking a tasteful dinner party, loft-style, maybe with an antique bathtub filled with bottles of champagne.

Because no party is complete without a bathtub full of champagne…


30 Water St
(btwn Broad and Coenties Slip)
Financial District
New York, NY, 10004


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