By a Thred

Like Netflix for Clothes

UD - People change.

You grow. And before you know it, things just don't fit anymore.

Yes, we're talking about that relationship of utmost importance: the one you have with your clothes. And when that relationship goes sour (as it sometimes does), you'll need a mess-free way to breakup.

As usual, look to the Internet…

Introducing, a first-of-its-kind service devoted to helping you get rid of the clothes you don't want anymore, and just maybe, getting some new threads to replace them, in beta now.

After all, as your life changes, so does your wardrobe. (Goodbye, Hammer pants.) That's where ThredUp comes in. First, you log on and the site will ask you a few key questions (how full is your closet, how much did you spend on your last pair of jeans). It will estimate how much closet space you're wasting (we apparently have 500 bucks worth of unused clothes in there), and get you started on unloading.

After you list what you're unloading (that "I'mma let you finish" tee just didn't have the shelf life you expected), tell them what you need—a new tie for work, a new suit for post-work cocktailing or maybe a new set of silk pajamas for your Playboy Mansion jaunt next week. Pay a token amount for envelopes (like Netflix, but bigger, green and really not that much like Netflix) and start sending in your gear. Before long, you'll be getting new clothes in the mail.

And the circle of life goes on.

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