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Your New Vietnamese Breakfast Stop

UD - Out the Door It's only natural: when something's good, you want more of it.

Which is why we spotted you Wednesday finishing off Shaking Beef at Slanted Door, and again yesterday ducking in for a bite at the Westfield—and why you'll soon be frequenting the latest outpost of Out the Door, opening next week on Bush.

You've been hearing whispers about this Pac Heights joint for years. It looks a lot like its sit-down siblings, but half as big—making it an intimate, neighborhood spot (even if it's not exactly your neighborhood).

After dabbling in Chinese food over at Heaven's Dog, chef/owner Charles Phan is returning to his Vietnamese-food roots. This time, though, he's taking it one step further: here, he'll also serve you breakfast.

Start your day at the woodblock communal table under the glow of the chandelier crafted out of a reclaimed buoy. (We know it's early, but those really are barnacles.) Breakfast can go either way: East or West. Go east with the Coconut Sticky Rice or Chicken Porridge—or, when you're craving something more traditional, order up some scrambled eggs and toast.

And when you're making a late-night stop, sit at the marble bar with a Hitachino as you wait for your Grilled Niman Ranch Pork Chop. If you're still hungry, the Caramelized Prawns are tasty, too.

But you knew that already.


Out the Door
2232 Bush St
(at Fillmore)
San Francisco, CA, 94115

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