It's Not You, It's Them

Breaking Up Is Funny to Do

UD - It Was Over When Who can say why love fades. People change. They grow apart. Or one day she looks you dead in the eye and says she wants to date other people.

Starting with your sister.

While Hallmark somehow still doesn't make a card for such moments, there is, however, It Was Over When, a chronicle of the precise instant when that little voice in the back of your head says, "Run for your life!"

Part catharsis, part Seinfeld plot generator, the site was started last month by Robert K. Elder, a former Chicago Tribune reporter who decided to turn his attentions to lighter pursuits now that he's finished writing his forthcoming book about people on death row. So this guy knows from finality.

You'll hear about warning signs that would make flashing neon look subtle: "She took all the money inside our joint account and left me with her flea-infested cat. I hate cats." (Aftermath: he had the cat neutered.)

But mostly it's smaller, niggling things: "He said that dinosaurs were a conspiracy theory." Or, a woman who asked her boyfriend's fantasy, and he said, "Two redheads." (She was a brunette.) Then there's a poor soul who shuddered the moment his girlfriend revealed her love of Axe Bodyspray.

Yep, love stinks.

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