Take Your Seats

Your Guide to Buying Tickets Online

You can feel it in the air. It's time to get yourself to a stadium.

Football's under way, baseball playoffs are just a few weeks off, and there are literally tens of thousands of precious tickets currently passing through a cohort of tracksuited scalpers. If you're going to get your hands on a few of them without being taken to the cleaners, you're going to need help.

Possibly the Internet can be of service...

Introducing SeatGeek, a site that brings a stockbroker's eye to the honorable trade of scalping, using charts, predictions, fuzzy math, graphing calculators and guesstimates to give you a serious edge on the seat-hungry competition, available now.

The stubs that went for $60 today can go for $20 tomorrow, so bringing a little math and analysis to your Red Sox/Yankees purchase is good for more than something silly like planning for retirement. SeatGeek factors in data on recent wins, historical trends and a statistically honed gut check to tell you where each of the prices for cheap, medium and expensive tickets is heading, and whether you're better off getting those tickets today or a few weeks from now. For instance, we're pretty bearish on Kelly Clarkson right now and we're expecting tickets for Metallica at the Garden to rally hard in Q4…

So far it's just baseball and concerts (for some reason, Kanye stubs are cheap all of a sudden), but they should be adding football in three weeks, with basketball, hockey and college football following closely behind. Wait long enough, and you'll even get an "insurance" option to give you extra money if you buy tickets and the price bottoms out.

Note: it doesn't cover acts of God or awards-show outbursts.

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