Off the Beach

Polo, Sushi and Barbeque

On days like today, we can't help but think about the beach. Not that the weather's any better in East Hampton, but it doesn't seem so bad when you've got plans for good shelter over the weekend. You might want to consider:

A Little Polo Match
The Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge at the Bridgehampton Polo Club, an event where even the VIP tent has a VIP tent, kicks off this Saturday. Each team plays three matches before the late August championship, starting with Team Endeavour versus Team White Birch this week. Not that you're going to see who's playing (at least on the field). With gratis drinks, high-end sponsors giving away the farm and a crowd full of celebrity and society heavyweights, there will be plenty of action in the stands. As for the horses, we recommend you keep your distance.

The Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge, Saturdays from July 21—August 25, 4-6pm, JetOne Jets Field, 849 Hayground Rd, Bridgehampton

Some Spicy Tuna
A combination pop-up restaurant and charity event, Nobu Nomad will open for a brief summer season this Friday at the Ross School. For $100 you can enjoy the Terrace Lounge with five courses of passed signature dishes, for $250 indulge in an all-inclusive family-style dinner (like mom used to do) and for $1,500 lounge in a 10-person private Tatami Room complete with terrace views and a five-course meal. Dishes include Nobu classics like Rock Shrimp Tempura and Fluke with Dried Miso. Now if you could only get Nobu to follow you to your ski place.

Nobu Nomad, July 20-21, 6-11:30pm, Ross School, 18 Goodfriend Dr, East Hampton

...or Some BBQ
Texas-inspired Townline BBQ opens its doors on Monday with dry-rubbed beef ribs that are sauceless and slow-cooked, with self-saucing stations on each table. And for de-saucing, there's a hand-washing station in the middle of the rustic wood and picnic table dining room. Traditional sides abound (cole slaw, cornbread, baked beans, collard greens), but make sure to try the homemade Spicy Bread and Butter Pickles. And of course a cold beer (and) or a shot of whiskey. Don't mess with Texas, er, Sagaponack.

Townline BBQ, 3593 Townline Rd, Sagaponack, 631-537-2271

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