The Moveable Feast

A Secret Hancock Park Affair

UD - Graffeats Guerilla Dining Your quest for memorable meals has taken you into the darkest recesses of the city. (Also: Encino.)

And now it will take you…to a mysterious street-food feast in someone else's backyard.

If, that is, you're up for the curious culinary adventure known as Graffeats Guerrilla Dining, now accepting reservations for its Los Angeles debut.

It's all very hush-hush, but here's what we can tell you. After you secure the secret address, you'll make your way to a clandestine Hancock Park residence. Out back, you'll find an artisanal cocktail awaiting you and your fellow coconspirators. (There's probably time for two.)

Then, as sundown becomes a memory, you'll be treated to a five-course feast of sidewalk fare from a San Francisco chef, all served family-style—everything from Pho Dumplings to Strawberry Mountain Beef Shortrib Pupusas. Goes without saying there's copious amounts of wine with all of it.

But there's also some live music. Some poetry. And, in keeping with the street theme, a graffiti artist doing what he does best.

Because in Hancock Park, you gotta keep it real.

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