Things to do for September 10, 2009

The Weekender

Olsen Bartending, Mime Clubbing and Shackside Wine

The weekend refuses to pick a favorite model.

Rock Star Shots at John Varvatos

Rock Star Shots at John Varvatos

By increasing the amount of Varvatos in your wardrobe at John's Soho shop tonight, you'll get a session with the legendary lensman Mick Rock in the bargain, putting you in the esteemed company of rockers like Iggy, Bowie and Lou Reed—and giving you a handy album cover if you ever decide to record your own AC/DC tribute disc...

Bergdorf's Olsen-Equipped Bar

Bergdorf's Olsen-Equipped Bar

Olsen spottings are usually pretty intoxicating, but not quite as much as actual vodka. Tonight you can get both at once: the twins will be mixing cocktails at Bergdorf Goodman, thanks to the magic of Fashion Week PR and their latest collection. Tip generously.

7-11pm, Sept 10, 754 5th Ave, 212-753-7300‎, RSVP with Olsen references here

Rothman's Cash for Clunkers

Rothman's Cash for Clunkers

The Park Ave mainstay is offering a $100 discount for any old suits you feel like getting rid of. The discount gets knocked off the price of your next suit, and the castoffs go to New York Cares. And the next time you see a busker in a banker suit, you'll know why.

Through Sept 12, Rothman's, 200 Park Ave (at 17th St), 212-777-7400

SD26 Comes to Madison Square Park

SD26 Comes to Madison Square Park

San Domenico's stretching its legs at its new Madison Square Park digs, which means the same upscale Italian fare now comes with an open kitchen, sleek white décor and an automated wine lounge. That means you'll have an ideal spot for business lunches, high-maintenance dates and those rare occasions when only a robotic bartender will do.

Private opening Sept 12, grand opening Sept 15, SD26, 19 E. 26th St, 212-265-5959

La Pomme Spices Up the Flatiron

La Pomme Spices Up the Flatiron

This soft-open Flatiron club has everything you need in a hotspot—including an elevated VIP area, strategically located dance platforms and a décor that can best be described as "sexy mime." They're even sprinkling a few performance artists into the crowd for impromptu shows, which should make for at least the third wildest thing you'll see during Fashion Week.

Soft-open now, grand opening Sept 17, La Pomme, 37 W. 26th St, 212-725-3860

Motorino Comes to the East Village

Motorino Comes to the East Village

The beloved Williamsburg pizza place is trying its luck in the East Village, taking over a storefront and a $15,000 brick oven from the equally beloved Una Pizza Napoletana. That means more adventurous toppings like white anchovies, Brussels-sprout leaves and black truffles in the winter, along with a decidedly less hostile approach to the telephone.

Opens Sept 14, Motorino, 349 E. 12th St (W. of 1st Ave)

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