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Labor Day is over.

And since your Monday starts on a Tuesday this week, it's already time to start thinking about where you're drinking on Thursday (runway models like at least a day's notice for plans, as you know). So, fire up the floodlights and cue the Kanye…

Introducing Splash Ultra Lounge, a new cocktail den opening softly on Thursday, bringing you Miami and Vegas-inspired heat, just in time for fall.

Now, you could arrive for table service in the main lounge area, or hit the exposed-brick bar (featuring floor lighting right out of TRON) before popping upstairs for a bottled beer on the rooftop. But we say skip all that, and head out back to the billiards lounge, where it's not the balls you're after. Step into the refurbished turn-of-the-century gated VIP elevator to be carried straight up to a private lounge and bar space, for you and your friends. Think of it as Wayne Manor, with the elevator leading to the booze-cave, instead of the Batcave…

Oh, and you didn't hear this from us, but we're told there will be a late-night food delivery service available into the wee morning hours in the coming weeks (for those 3am Meatball Burger cravings). Until then, you'll just have to deal with consuming their mouthwatering burgers and bacon-wrapped scallops (as if there's any other kind) on the roof deck while lounging by the fountain.

Life can be so cruel.


Splash Ultra Lounge
150 Kneeland St
Boston, MA, 02111


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