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You Can Count on Mia

Channeling Boomtown in Downtown

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Do us a favor.

Look at these photos real quick—beautiful, aren't they?—and tell us if the condo boom era isn't back.

Making you stand up and say, "Wait, what year is this?" is the new megaclub in downtown, Mia at Biscayne, open as of this week…on Biscayne.

When you and your crew are ready to party like real estate moguls circa five years ago, this is where you'll want to head. The first thing you'll notice, other than the liberal use of purple, orange and pink, is the sheer size: soaring ceilings, oversize couches and double-height translucent curtains.

But despite the super-ambitious mega-bigness of it all, if you show up a bit earlier in the evening, you'll actually find a place, with its discreet and intimate alcoves, that's perfect for a first date…or for that all-important, deal-clinching-or-deal-breaking third date (reserve a table on the upstairs balcony for that one, and channel Don Draper).

The chef in charge is Gerdy Rodriguez, who previously whipped Karu & Y and 1 Bleu into shape using his trademark Mr. Science approach to food and drink—meaning your Tortilla Española is made with potato foam, and your martinis are spiked with vodka and rum gelée.

It's like a Jell-O shot, with a better stock portfolio.

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