7-Hour Massage

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The 7-Hour Massage at Townhouse Spa

Time is a precious commodity—you've always felt that seven-hour blocks shouldn't be wasted on silly things like sleep and work. A massage, on the other hand, sounds pretty reasonable.

Invented by massage therapist James Kim, the 7-Hour Massage at Townhouse Spa is quite possibly the most indulgent period of time you'll ever spend in one position. Kim begins the session with a ten-minute consultation assessing your body and its needs. The marathon session is a mixture of massage, aromatherapy and kneading techniques that can include anything from head rubs and Thai stretching to meditation and Kim himself walking on your back (he's got feet like hands). Throughout this, Kim interweaves hot towels, oils and stones, and makes it his mission to hit every muscle and nerve in your body, including rarely touched areas like the front of the neck and side of the knee. While seven hours may seem excessive, according to Kim "it's just not enough time" and it's quite possible that after this, you'll only be trying to book him on permanent retainer.

If the thought of lasting a whole day prone while being kneaded to oblivion is daunting, the seven hours can be split up into two sessions (although you risk Kim calling you a lightweight). And the time is fully customizable, which means Kim's your man if you want to re-experience that wooden spoon rubdown you got in Bangladesh last year.

Maybe save that for the seventh hour.


7-Hour Massage
39 W. 56th St
(between 5th and 6th Aves)
Midtown West
New York, NY, 10019

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