Rock Solid

Cold Beer, Hot Music in Logan Square

UD - Cole’s In this summer idyll between Pitchfork and Lollapalooza, you find yourself pining for a new place to rock your weekends away.

Preferably one with air-conditioning.

Welcome to Cole's, a delightfully gritty music-and-beer lair nestled next to the rumbling Blue Line, soft-opening tonight in Logan Square.

If you feel like you're entering a rough-and-tumble pool hall, that probably has something to do with the tattered awning of Rene's Shooting Gallery, this space's last occupant, still hanging above the door. The owner may eventually bring in a billiard table, but for now he's focused on beer and the music. (You always did like a man with his priorities straight.)

First the music: starting next week, you'll work your way to the back for bands that might include rock, punk, rockabilly or electro. But no matter who's playing on that low step-up stage, a muscular new sound system is ready to go decibel-to-decibel with the "L" behind it.

This weekend, however, it's all about the brew. Prop yourself up at the plywood bar and start perusing the opening lineup, which ranges from Old Style and Bell's to North Coast's hearty Old No. 38 Stout. Cole's will whittle the roster down based on what people drink—which means every beer you buy is a vote for keeping it.

So vote early, vote often.


2338 N. Milwaukee Ave
(btwn Medill and Belden)
Chicago, IL 60647

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