Things to do for July 23, 2009

The Weekender

Bacon Waffles, Chang's Chicken and Asian Lobster

The weekend prefers its romances like its beaches—long, curvy and a tad salty.

Xie Xie's Lobster Rolls

Xie Xie's Lobster Rolls

Rising from the depths of midtown, this just-opened sandwich shop does some gene-splicing on the Cape Cod lobster roll and the Vietnamese bánh mì to produce a bifecta of cross-cultural munching called the Asian Lobster Roll, with canned champagne on the side if you need an extra kick. There's also the 1000-Year-Old Ice Cream Sandwich, but thankfully it's just a figure of speech.

Xie Xie, 645A 9th Ave (at 45th St), 212-265-2975

70% Off at Billy Reid

70% Off at Billy Reid

The public clamors for Southern sartorial-ism and the folks at Billy Reid—gentlemen that they are—can't help but oblige. Their latest three-day bash has button-downs for $54 and Limited Edition pants for $20, not to mention gratis bourbon and fried chicken which is truly what you need for any proper shopping experience. It's the Southern way...

12pm-9pm, July 23-25; 11am-8pm, July 26, Billy Reid, 54 Bond St, 212-598-9355

SPiN's Celebrity Showdown

SPiN's Celebrity Showdown

The most sought after Ping-Pong event in the world (alright, maybe just midtown) comes to NYC with a celebrity exhibition featuring pros like Wally Green and semi-pros like Susan Sarandon showing off their stuff, followed by 32 bloodthirsty paddlers facing off to determine the city's champion. Play your cards right and you might be one of them…do us proud.

6:30-8:30pm, July 23, SPiN Bryant Open, Bryant Park (42nd St at 6th Ave)

UD Hookup: We've got one spot to give away, so email with a lyrical description of your serve, and maybe we'll hook you up.

The Bacon Waffle at Wafels & Dinges

The Bacon Waffle at Wafels & Dinges

The fabled waffle truck just added the one ingredient that makes everything better: bacon. Their new concoction infuses tiny chunks of the savory god-food into a fluffy Belgian-style waffle, with maple syrup and powdered sugar topping it all off. (We're pretty sure that's all the food groups.)

Various locations, 646-257-2592, schedule here

Momofuku's Fried Chicken Dinners

Momofuku's Fried Chicken Dinners

Professor of pork David Chang has turned his attention away from pig-related spectacles in favor of a more feathery delight. Starting this week, he's serving two whole chickens (one battered, one triple-fried Korean style) in a Bo Saam-style communal setup that will only set you back $50 a bird. You'll have to brave the Ko resy system again, so it might be time to give your hacker friends a call.

Momofuku, 171 First Ave (between 10th and 11th St), reservations here

Up to 80% Off Public School

Up to 80% Off Public School

Usually an 80 percent sale either means there was a fire or there's about to be a stampede. In this case, it's the latter, with $40 shirts, $60 coats and $200 leather jackets.

Noon-8pm, July 28-31, Public School, 29 Greene St (N. of Canal)

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