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A New Way of Looking at Twitter

UD - How Hetero? We're not usually ones to judge, but when a gay-pride organization unleashes a tool on the world called How Hetero?, and it's meant to analyze the virility of your Twitter feed, well, we just have to get the UD Labs® team involved. Behold, our report on the hetero-ness of the most prominent New York Tweeters, in descending order of hetero-ness. Not that there's anything wrong with that...
Donald Trump
Twitter handle: donaldjtrump
Percent hetero: 89%
Relevant key words: fame
Lindsay Lohan
Twitter handle: sevinnyne6126
Percent hetero: 85%
Relevant key words: brilliant, gay, bless, wow
Bobby Flay
Twitter handle: bflay
Percent hetero: 82%
Relevant key words: bacon, chef, Philadelphia, steak

Pat Kiernan
Twitter handle: patkiernan
Percent hetero: 73%
Relevant key words: Park Slope, shop, body, New York, carry on
Bill O'Reilly
Twitter handle: oreillyfactor
Percent hetero: 70%
Relevant key words: Prop 8, New York, available
Anthony Bourdain
Twitter handle: noreservations
Percent hetero: 68%
Relevant key words: cocktail, New York, monster, quest
Fake Bernie Madoff
Twitter handle: berniemadoff
Percent hetero: 47%
Relevant key words: ass, fame, bitch, dude, dudes
Andy Samberg
Twitter handle: thelonelyisland
Percent hetero: 46%
Relevant key words: available, body, Amazon
Mike Bloomberg
Twitter handle: mikebloomberg
Percent hetero: 23%
Relevant key words: community, pride, parade, lgbt
Twitter handle: brunovassup
Percent hetero: 1%
Relevant key words: gay, fame, bitch, pink

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