Things to do for July 02, 2009

The Weekender

Hipster Bowling, Island Tennis and Luxe Lobster

The weekend is currently accepting huddled masses.

Final Unveiling of Brooklyn Bowl

Final Unveiling of Brooklyn Bowl

After teasing you for months with the prospect of just about everything you could want from a night in north Williamsburg including live bands, regular multi-screen showings of cult classics, a full fried-chicken menu from Blue Ribbon and a gratuitous quantity of White Russians (oh yeah, and bowling), we're pleased to bring you the one detail you've been missing: when you can go. And you can go Tuesday. Try to remain composed.

Brooklyn Bowl, opens July 7, 61 Wythe Ave (at N. 12th St), 718-963-3369

T.B.D. in Southampton

T.B.D. in Southampton

This meticulously curated pop-up of limited-edition men's gear stocks handmade surfboards, Super Sunglasses (hopefully living up to their name) and French basics from APC like swim trunks—which should be just about all you need for the weekend.

Through Sept, 10:30am-8pm, Sun-Sat, 67A Jobs Lane, Southampton, 631-377-3702

Wimbledon Table Tennis Tourney at Spin

Wimbledon Table Tennis Tourney at Spin

The city's most celeb-happy Ping-Pong temple is finally open and ready for your booze-addled Pong enjoyment. To celebrate, they're having a Wimbledon-style table tennis tourney this Saturday. Thankfully your Ping-Pong whites just came back from the cleaners.

Ongoing, 304 Park Ave S., 212-982-8802, membership available here

STK's Lobsterfest

STK's Lobsterfest

The city's clubbiest steakhouse decides to change tack and focus on LBSTR with a full New England–style lobster bake with all the trimmings and an all-American apple pie for dessert. Expect Armani instead of madras and full-on petition to change the neighborhood name to Lobsterpacking District.

STK, doors at 5:30pm, Sundays, 26 Little West 12th St, 646-624-2444

New York Sportimes on Randall's Island

New York Sportimes on Randall's Island

If you're too patriotic too make the trek to London's famed grass courts, try Randall's Island, where John McEnroe and other hilariously surly tennis pros will be bashing it out for charity. And since it's not as staid as Wimbledon, they've made a few tweaks to the game, including cheering during points, cumulative scoring and (Mr. McEnroe's favorite) instant replay. Yes, we're serious.

July 7-19, Randall's Island, tickets at 212-792-8500 or here

Beach Party at the Box

Beach Party at the Box

Your favorite den of iniquity launches its new Wednesday night Psycho Beach Party. Whether that means bikinied bunnies bouncing to "Surfin' USA" or a 7-foot-tall tranny with an exceedingly unconventional beach-ball serve, we will leave to you to discover. Swimsuits are encouraged, with the exception of the mankini.

The Box, doors at 10pm, Wednesdays, 189 Chrystie St, 212-982-9301

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