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Water Polo With Inner Tubes

UrbanDaddy - Inner Tube Water Polo As a sportsman with a distaste for overexertion, you're always looking for the next way to feign athletic effort while still maintaining your reputation for living life with a certain joie de vivre.
You want danger, but not too much danger.
You want sporty competition, but not a battle.
You want to be in a pool this summer, but only if it involves doing nothing more than floating around (and braving the occasional headbutt).

Hence, Inner Tube Water Polo league, the leisurely athletic adventure you've been searching for all spring, now accepting reservations for one more week for their summer season, starting in July.
Founded by a group of world-class jocks who count dodgeball, kickball and broomball as part of the Herculean pursuits, ITWP is like the Olympic sport you know and love, just with giant floating doughnuts.
You'll need a co-ed group of at least six aquatic troublemakers willing to commit to the seven-week season, and the league provides the rest: tubes, referees and a boatload of rules. But all you need to know is that flipping members of the other team is legal, and you need to score more goals than the other team. In other words, there is some actual physical exertion required.
And if you happen to lose, bask in the joy of knowing that you spent an hour floating in a pool in the middle of New York.

Sort of like the SOHO House pool...but with slightly more activity.


Inner Tube Water Polo League
at NYC Social Sports Club

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