Let It Rain

Bottled Rainwater from Tasmania

Given the way you live your life, your body could use a dose of something pure now and again.

Like maybe your water.

We've actually come across one that's more than just a fancy bottle with a weird name, but claims to be the purest of the pure (something you can't quite muster, but can appreciate)—it's called Tasmanian Rain, and it's not just called that. It literally is rain—gathered in the cleanest place on earth.

You may be averse to the idea of drinking rainwater, but that's only because you're thinking of our rain, not Tasmania's. The rainwater is collected on the western edge of this small island to the south of Australia, where the air is scientifically proven to be the purest in the world. The raindrops fall from clouds that have drifted over 10,000 miles of ocean, so they've never been near a factory or even a multistory house. And when the rain comes down, it goes straight into stainless steel catchments and then glass containers, so from cloud to bottle it never even touches the ground (Poland Spring is just looking so...muddy...now).

You won't find Tasmanian Rain on any shelves or menus for at least a couple of months. But thanks to the miracle of indirect shipping, you can buy cases online, and rumor has it that various private clubs are already serving it. Until the Man comes around, though, it's all underground.

Unlike the water.

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