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A Sunset Strip Steakhouse Finds a New Home

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Less is more.

But on the other hand, bigger is better.

So we gladly bring you news of the oversize brand-new incarnation of BOA Steakhouse, now taking reservations for its Thursday debut.

Formerly a tiny spot shoehorned into Sunset Boulevard's Grafton Hotel, the new BOA is just a bit farther west—and approximately 8000 times bigger. (We exaggerate for effect. But not by much.)

Past the glass walls barely separating you from the bounteous street traffic, the Indian granite bar to the left displays some rare international liqueurs—a WWII-era precursor to Goldschläger, some Kentucky moonshine—and the Club Room has tables that flip over for leisurely games of backgammon.

Beyond all that is a 4000-square-foot patio for power meals in view of any paparazzi that might be lurking, or drinks back by the fireplace on those chilly summer nights.

But if your meeting needs are a bit more covert, head past the indoor dining room (and the giant shrine to wine) for the private room in back, where you can take a seat under illuminated onyx, away from prying eyes.

Wherever you land, you'll find 50 by-the-glass wines to go with new lunch options like a Rib-Eye Panini, and old favorites like the famous 40-Day Dry Aged New York Strip.

Because 39 days just wouldn't do.


BOA Steakhouse
9200 Sunset Blvd
(W. of Doheny)
West Hollywood, CA 90069


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