Got Yacht?

This Summer, Party on Your Own Yacht

Now that winter is on its death bed, we've got just three words for you: to the water.

Except this year, ditch your dinghy and hit up the Hamptons, Cape Cod (or Long Island City) atop a luxury power boat from Yacht Smart.

Using the same timeshare format that's worked with cabins, jets and Ferraris, Yacht Smart places a sizable vessel at your disposal for less than the cost of most ports' dock fees. For about $500 a month (plus a deposit and training fees), you're guaranteed seven timeslots per month with your yacht, including two weekends, and you never have to worry about traditional boat-ownership expenses like maintenance, cleaning, winter haul-out and storage. Choose between a 27-foot cabin cruiser (complete with two sleeping berths, a fully stocked galley and a full head with shower) and a 26-foot sundeck sport boat (perfect for pulling bikini-clad water skiers). Either way, you get a grill, color GPS and CD surround sound, plus a comprehensive training program to ensure you're comfortable at the helm.

And because the boats are kept in YS's Shipyard Marina in nearby Hoboken, it's entirely feasible to stop off after work for sunset cruising with a companion. Then again, depending on the mood, maybe you stay tethered to port and move below deck with a bottle of wine.

Just remember, you're the captain.

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