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Your Backyard Cookout's Secret Weapon

UrbanDaddy - Snake River Farms Wait—before you go.

This weekend there will be cookouts far and wide, and you need a way—besides your sparkling personality, of course—to make yours truly stand out.

Our recommendation: Snake River Farms American Wagyu Beef. It's what Wolfgang Puck uses for the Oscars, and it's now available to non-Wolfgangs too, just in time for Memorial Day.

Even if your work has been cruelly snubbed by the Academy (better luck in '10), you've likely bit into some SRF product at CUT, Spago or Campanile. The succulent, well-marbled meat comes from the inspired pairing—presumably set to some romantic banjo music somewhere in the grassy Idaho plains—of Japanese Wagyu cattle, prized in that country since the second century, and American Black Angus cattle. (They follow a strict but leisurely diet of potatoes, wheat, corn and alfalfa hay.)

The result is an incredibly juicy steak or burger. Sirloin, tri-tip, rib eye and chuck roasts are now delivered fresh to your neighborhood shop, and you'll find one-pound Wagyu "chubs" and eight-ounce ground beef patties in the freezer section—perfect for next weekend's lower-fuss burgers.

Okay. Now you're free to go. Enjoy.


Snake River Farms
American Wagyu Beef

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