Keyed Up

Protecting the Keys to Your Kingdom

Nothing sends a perfectly planned day crashing toward non-productivity—and expletives—like the loss of your keys. Rather than make a conscious effort to be more careful, embrace your absentmindedness and then safeguard against it with NewYourKey.

Launched by a pair of entrepreneurial ex-waiters, NewYourKey is the city's first 24-hour key storage and delivery system. The process works like so: Either give NYK a spare set of your keys or have them create a duplicate set in their "mobile key lab" (read: locksmith van). Your keys are then taken to a storage facility where they're kept in a freakishly secure, biometrically sealed vault. The next time you lose that second set of spare keys your doorman hands over (because it's not a question of if, but when) call NYK and they will rush them to you at any time, day or night, whether you're stone-cold sober or "mildly" inebriated.

And just to ensure it pisses off every locksmith in town, NYK has made the service absurdly inexpensive. For a $30 annual fee, the company will hold two sets of keys for you (e.g., home and car) in its fingerprint-protected, futuristic key cave, with each bailout costing you a mere $20.

Which means you can move all that freed-up cash from your mistakes-due-to-drinking budget somewhere else—like into your drinking budget.

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