Master Your Morning Coffee

Kuku Maker Lets You Personalize Your Coffee's Taste, Texture and Temperature


There are some days when it feels like, no matter what you do, nothing goes right.

Work, relationships, not spilling mustard on your shirt before that big meeting...

But Kuku Maker is an easy way to ensure that at least one thing goes perfectly: your morning coffee.

This new device is essentially a coffeemaker. And you're familiar with those in their many forms. But it takes things many steps beyond the average coffeemaker, allowing users to customize every aspect of the coffee brewing process. It's live on Kickstarter now and exceeded its funding goal almost instantly, raising about $500K in 10 days. Which is good news for getting one of these out of production and into your kitchen.

kuku maker
Kuku Maker

Kuku Maker has a wide range of adjustable options, including extraction pressure, time and grind size, and it lets you control for flavor, consistency and temperature, so you get the perfect cup of coffee every time. It's also small and looks good, so you can keep it on the counter and ready to use.

Want a bold and rich espresso? Sure. How about a smooth, mild pour-over? Yep. An Americano or a cold brew? No problem. 

The app is where you'll input those parameters. Experiment with a different style each day, or save a couple specific profiles to quickly call them up for future use. The app also allows users to share their favorite drinks and to follow professional-level templates made by guest baristas.

The only downside is you might start getting coffee orders from your friends and family. But just because you're no longer paying $5 for a coffee from the neighborhood shop doesn't mean you can't start charging them for it. 

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