Port-Washed Cheese, Seasonal Cashmere, and Literary Lions

This Is The Want List

By Hadley Tomicki ·

This is the Want List, a semi-frequent rundown of stylish new clothing, accessories, and gear our editors are feeling for one reason or another—and, for lack of a better word, want.

Today, we're talking about coffee beans from an IPA giant and great granola from a star of The Wire, as well as important matters like oxtail bucatini on the beach, a suit from Miller High Life, bisexual mountain lions, and negroni and margarita chocolates infused with mezcal. But that is not all. No, that is not all.

Herewith, 12 essential items to jingle all the way for in this holiday season.

Wear Autumn Cashmere's subtly red thermal Henley to the next ugly sweater party you're compelled to attend and people will have no choice but to wonder, "if this is how he does ugly, I need to see how he does handsome."

Nothing could be better than spending a few stress-free days at Tower 23 boutique hotel on San Diego's Pacific Beach, toes warm in the sand as you watch a fiery orb dip below the horizon, amid other sun-kissed scenery. Instead of freezing your extremities off in the snow somewhere. Oh wait, you could throw in dinner from its awarded, legendary restaurant JRDN, enjoying amazing lobster tartine, oxtail bucatini, and jerk chicken with bone marrow demiglaze while looking at that same view. That would make it even better. Way even better.

Not trying to bring up Dry January so close to the holidays. Just saying you might like Ghia's Berry aperitif, which shows off the favorite non-alcoholic brand's sweet-and-tart, but no-less-complex side. It's made with 100% pure strawberry juice and is great sipped straight up, on the rocks, in a cock/mocktail, or in a nightcap that won't bite back. It just might even get you through the holidays.

Did someone say getting through the holidays? A different, no less delicious approach would be to embrace Bib & Tucker's sweet and smoky Double Char small batch bourbon. It's aged for six years in new white American oak. Then aged another five months in a heavily charred and smoked new barrel. For bad behavior. As we understand it.

Menswear brand Tie Bar has formed an unlikely alliance with mediocre beer brand Miller High Life. The result is a collection of vintage-inspired ties, handkerchiefs, cufflinks, shirts, and jackets witha fun, good-looking, sorta Hank Williams-ish vibe. Senior, naturally.

You probably know Frankie Faison better for his acting than his small batch granola-making, in roles like Commissioner Burrell in The Wire and Christopher Clark in Rookies. That will all change when you try Fabulous Frankie's Original Granola, a pure, organic, and healthy blend handmade with gluten-free oats, dried cherries and cranberries, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, raisins, cocnut flakes, and maple syrup. They should have Oscars for granola this good.

Renowned photographer Cam Kirk put together this compact and comprehensive Camera Care Kit, so you'd have eight different tools easily at the ready any time you need to clean a lens. Or even whatever electronic device is currently ruling your life. It's perfectly sized for a camera bag, too.

What's this? Fine German engineering is what this is. Specifically in the form of The Venty, the first portable dry herb vaporizer from Storz & Bickel, inventor of the infamous O.G. high-end vaporizer The Volcano. It's durable, amazingly fast to heat up, and has great range with adjustable airflow and temperatures. In other words, they've done it again.

Portugal's 233-year-old Port-maker Sandeman has linked up with Vermont's Jasper Hill Farm to produce this limited-edition, srpuce bark-wrapped, mini-Harbison cheese that's been washed in Founders Reserve Ruby Port for a fruity, smoky, creamy little number you'll want to spread all over everything.

Henry Hoke's Open Throat is just your typical short novel about a bisexual mountain lion navigating L.A.'s neighborhoods and mountains while trying to stay off the freeway and wondering what people taste like. Nothing you haven't probably read before.

Stone Brewing. That's that company you look to for your Arrogant Bastard and Xocoveza coffee. Oh come on! You didn't know they make coffee now?! We really gotta hang out like this more often.

NYC chocolate maker MarieBelle is collaborating with Del Maguey Mezcal on a box of nine gorgeously countenanced chocolate bonbons flavored like dessert-ready cocktail recipes using the brand's Vida Puebla mezcal. Flavors including margarita, negroni, old fashioned, carajillo, and more. It also comes with a bottle of Vida Puebla. Just for punctuation.

And speaking of mezcal, The Lost Explorer has a new trilogy pack that allows you to taste its exceptional tobala, espadin, and salmiana expressions to experience the range of aromas and flavors across these agave types. Just like you like it.

Hadley Tomicki

Hadley Tomicki lives in Los Angeles. He is probably going nowhere on the 10 Freeway this very second.

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