Life House Goes West

A Palm Springs Retreat With Bourbon-Glazed Steaks, Cabanas, and All The Vintage Vibes

By Hadley Tomicki ·

As you fight through the holiday whirlwind over the next few weeks...

Battered between George Michael and Mariah Carey...

Desperately seeking Furbys...

All while donning objectionable, sweater-based apparel.

Remember that a desert oasis full of vintage vibes and poolside relaxation awaits you in sunny Palm Springs.

Lights up on Life House Palm Springs, the stylish arrival of the locally-customized hotel empire, now open in California's high desert.

This is classic Palm Springs here, starting at the Bedrock-esque A-frame entrance. 66 rooms in full mid-century splendor and desert tones transporting you back to the age when Hollywood stars and starlets escaped the city for this ever-balmy paradise of sun and sand to get in some rest and repose. Or discrete debauchery. Your call.

Here's how you're going to use it:

You'll pull up and shortly retreat to the king suite, half of you laying on your linen sheets, as you stare at the desert tones and silk Japanese fans accenting your form. After a dip in the rainforest shower, you'll be smelling like Le Labo and eager to explore the grounds.

You'll admire the cactus gardens before finding yourself at the heart of the property: the pool. It's a real beauty, rounded and poised between the mountains and a Mojave-style mural, armies of chaise lounges and umbrellas at attention. There are spacious cabanas, too, in case you're an actual famous person demanding a low profile. We thought we recognized you from that thing.

At a cerrain point, you'll notice that some form of dinner is required. Fortunately, Minerva's Pool House is right there, where a respected LA chef has seen fit to provide you with Coachella carrot crudo, beet poke, farm-to-table pizzas, and bourbon-glazed filet mignon. As you eat, you'll send photos of the whole glorious pool scene to all your friends still freezing in some other part of the country.

As the temperature plummets, you'll seek counsel with new friends under a sky full of stars by the firepit. Announcing the collective need for a nightcap, you'll march everyone over to Minerva's Apothecary, an inside sanctuary where mezcal-and-rye cocktails will soothe you, leading to bold epiphanies.

Life feels good. 

Hell, life is good.

Hadley Tomicki

Hadley Tomicki lives in Los Angeles. He is probably going nowhere on the 10 Freeway this very second.

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