Live Rent Free on This Beautiful Italian Island for One Month

Work from Ollolai Is a New Program Aimed at Getting Digital Nomads to This Sardinian Village

Image: Michele Columbu

Working remotely means you can live just about anywhere in the world.

But changing your location doesn't change the fact that you're still responsible for paying rent.

That's what makes this new Work from Ollolai program so compelling. Ollolai is a Sardinian village in Italy, and it's providing free houses to digital nomads for one month. All you have to do is show up, work, and interact with the local community.

OK, technically it'll cost you €1. But we're assuming you're good with that.

You might recall that Ollolai was one of the Italian towns selling homes for €1 a few years back, in an effort to infuse these towns—which face shrinking populations—with outside investment. In this case, Ollolai is hoping to attract skilled workers who can share knowledge with the locals. So, there's a catch, but it's an easy one: You'll need to give a lecture or presentation about your field of work. 

The program encourages "professionals and entrepreneurs with multiple years of experience, in professional services such as in the field of technology, media, finance, real estate, architecture, etc." to apply. Professional artists, writers, musicians, scientists and academics are also encouraged to apply. Here's more from the application:

The village of Ollolai is seeking successful professionals who are eager to contribute to the community by sharing their knowledge through presentations, classes, or projects related to their respective fields, careers, or experiences. In exchange for this valuable contribution, you'll enjoy an almost free stay in the village! 
During your stay, you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the lifestyle and culture of the Blue Zone, one of the five areas on the planet with a high concentration of individuals living beyond 100 years old. You'll also experience close proximity to untouched nature, savor delectable cuisine, and explore the incredible nearby beaches.

You'll be put up in a private home, either a one-bedroom or two-bedroom depending on availability and your needs. Then you're free to work, live, eat pasta, drink wine and do whatever else you want to do. That's a pretty good deal. 

If you unlock the secrets to a longer life, hey, even better.

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