The Steward Is a New All-Suites Hotel in Santa Barbara

The Central Coast Boutique Is Ideally Tucked Between the Ocean and the Mountains

Image: The Steward

So many vacation decisions go like this:

"Should we go to the mountains, or to the beach?"

A debate ensues, and then someone chimes in about wanting to visit wine country.

There's a better way. Just choose a destination that lets you do it all.

The Steward is a newly opened hotel in Santa Barbara that's ideally situated on California's Central Coast, just 10 minutes from the Pacific ocean in one direction and the mountains in the other, with a healthy dose of wineries all around.

The all-suites property has 87 rooms and sits on nearly five acres of lush gardens, and it shares land with the Sexton House, a historic landmark dating back 150 years.

the steward guest room
the steward

The suites combine the area's residential estate architecture with modern touches, and you'll find lots of light woods and white accents for overall airy vibes. Common spaces include a lobby library, a restaurant and bar, and an outdoor dining area. The surrounding garden is loaded with flora and makes for a relaxing stroll. Walk the grounds to discover lawn games like bocce and croquet, or take a complimentary bike to explore nearby wine country.

When you're hungry, Terra restaurant is serving locally-sourced ingredients that highlight Central Coast agriculture and local farms. The seasonal menus draw inspiration from California and Mediterranean fare, with dishes like spot prawn aguachile, local mussels with red curry, coconut cream and white wine, organic Chinook salmon, and pappardelle pasta with mushroom bolognese. 

the steward bar
the steward

If you want to immerse yourself in nature, the property offers a variety of outdoor activities, including yoga and something called Horticultural Hour, in which guests can participate in gardening seminars while eating plant based snacks.

Or just take a dip in the pool and avail yourself of a cocktail delivered via mini bar cart.

You're still outside, so it counts.

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