Proper Fractions

Your Own Fraction of the Good Life

We heard about your holiday bonus. Congratulations, we've heard you've earned it.

But before you go blowing it on your usual indulgences—video belt buckles, pyramid schemes, cheese—treat yourself to something more substantial this year, like a Picasso or a 90-foot yacht.

Thanks to fractionallife.com, owning a piece of what were once Robin Leach-level extravagances is now just a modest check away.

An "online asset-sharing superstore," fractionallife.com allows users to partially own more than a dozen types of mega-dollar items: jets, classic cars, boats, helicopters, vacation homes, night clubs...even racehorses. ("See that filly over there? Her back left hoof belongs to me.") As with timeshares, you are entitled to use your purchase for an agreed-upon period every year. Even better than with timeshares, you actually own a freehold share in the property—meaning if its value goes up, you can sell your stake in it for a nasty profit.

So, depending on the heft of your bonus, here's what you can buy...
Renewing your 10-year supply of Limburger or getting two percent of a chestnut mare named Zimbali: the choice is yours. We suggest you go with the horse.

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