This Indoor Pizza Oven Cooks Pies at 850 Degrees

Ooni's New Volt 12 Oven Is Electric, Insulated and Fits on Your Kitchen Counter

Image: Ooni

It's rare that you want anything to be 850 degrees inside your house.

Because, you know, fire.

That's why most pizza ovens are strictly for outdoor use and employ gas or wood to reach those high temps.

But Ooni's new Volt 12 Indoor & Outdoor Electric Pizza Oven lets you cook up restaurant-quality pies on your kitchen counter, and all by just plugging it into the wall.

The Volt 12 measures about 21 inches wide, 24 inches deep and 11 inches tall, so it easily fits on most counter tops. But since it's indoor/outdoor and portable, you can also move it to your backyard or throw it in the car and make pizza anywhere with an outlet.

ooni Volt 12 Indoor & Outdoor Electric Pizza Oven

The shell is made from powder-coated carbon steel. Paired with the triple-paned borosilicate glass door, it's sturdy and insulated, so the heats stays securely inside the oven.

Once plugged in, the internal electric coils are capable of reaching 850 degrees in just 20 minutes. The interface lets you control the cook time and temperature, and you can even balance the heat between the top and bottom coils to ensure your crust and toppings are cooked to your exact specifications. That means you can experiment with a wide range of pizzas, from Neapolitan and New York to deep dish and Detroit-style. 

The 13-inch stone surface can only cook one pizza at a time, but once the oven's hot, thinner-style pizzas like Neapolitans can be cooked in just 90 seconds. So you can quickly crank out a handful for your hungry friends.

Your budding career as an at-home pizzaiolo probably won't put your local pizza joint out of business. But with the ability to make fast, high-quality pizzas at home, you may have to break up with your regular delivery guy.

Be sure to stress that it's not him, it's you.

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