This Electric Surfboard Goes 35 Miles Per Hour, No Waves Required

The Zero-Emission Kinetic Option Was Developed by Naval Architects

Image: Kinetic Option

The best surfers spend their lives searching for the perfect waves, traveling to coastlines in Australia, Hawaii and Portugal.

But we like to think the best surfing is wherever you happen to be. 

Even if you happen to be in the middle of a lake, with nary a wave in sight.

That's assuming you're standing atop the new electric jet board from Singaporean company Kinetic Option. Because it's a battery-powered surfboard that lets you skim across the water without waves or a tow rope. After being announced last summer, the board is finally available to purchase.

Their first product, the TKO 001, is made from durable carbon composite material, and it's propelled by a 12-kilowatt liquid-cooled rotor. That rotor is powered by a rechargeable battery, and each ride lasts about 40 minutes. There's an option to purchase additional batteries, so you can simply pull out the tired battery and plug in a fresh one to keep the party going.

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Kinetic Option

The jet board can hit speeds above 35mph, which is pretty damn fast. But that's all up to you; the wireless handheld controller has 10 speed settings, so you can set the power according to your skill level or need for speed. That remote is tethered to the board by a leash, and a magnetic kill-switch cuts the power if you happen to topple over, so it will stop when you do.

Bring the TKO 001 jet board to your nearest body of water. To get started, lock in the battery, turn on your controller, and connect your power leash. Strap your feet in and off you go. The board is well-balanced, so you can stay upright once you get a little momentum going. Then increase your speed as you zip though the ocean, lake, river or wherever else.

You might get some weird looks at the local natatorium.

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