This Shirt's Price Is Pegged to the Nasdaq Index

If the Market Goes Down, So Does the Price of Eton's New Index Shirt

Image: Eton

It hasn't been fun to watch the stock market over the past few months, as each dip puts a painful dent in your holdings.

But there is some good news: The lagging Nasdaq can save you money on shirts.

You see, Eton has introduced a new items dubbed the Index Shirt, whose price is pegged to the Nasdaq exchange. So, when stocks go up, the shirt follows. But when prices go down, that's your time to strike.

Eton has roots dating back to 1928, when founder Annie Petterson began sewing shirts for friends and neighbors in Sweden. A lot has changed since then, but one thing hasn't: a focus on high-quality shirts.

eton index shirt

The Index Shirt is a custom-made limited-edition piece that's modeled from Eton’s White Signature Twill Shirt. It features embroidered symbols of the bull and bear on the placket—the bull between the collar and the first button, and the bear between the first and second button. These details are the stock market's established symbols of optimism and pessimism, and that fact makes a good icebreaker.

The shirt is available in four cuts: super-slim, slim, contemporary and classic. It's 100% cotton with a cutaway collar and a single cuff featuring a mitered angle at the button-closure, plus two button holes so you can opt for cufflinks instead.

eton index shirt in box with certificate

The website lists the price and is updated every five minutes on trading days. If you purchase one for yourself, you'll get a certificate of ownership, just in case you need to prove provenance to a skeptical friend.

Now, we don't suggest rooting for the stock market to fall. Especially not in this economy. But if it does, you can dry your tears on the sleeve of your new white shirt.

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